mason's mark

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In medieval construction, a mark cut in a dressed stone to identify the stonecutter.
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The Elizabethan-style building includes an internal stone staircase, and each stone has a mason's mark. There are also mullioned windows, and even some ancient graffiti on the walls outside.
On the back, are three names written in faint blue pencil, alongside what looks like a stone mason's mark, bracketed together next to words that appear to say "Grave Digger"'.
High on the wish list was more space and light and the need to retain original features like the stone floor that leads through to the utility room that still bears a mason's mark.
Legg Mason's Mark Swartzberg said, "it provides clarity on how A-B will take at least 50 basis points of share of industry shipments in 2004."
And there is also a complex mason's mark, which showed who had carried out the work ( and
The hill on which the ceremony takes place is believed to be an ancient burial mound and the stone on top is said to be the stump of a 14th century wayside cross on which is scratched a cross claimed to be a mason's mark.
Many have suggested in the past that it is the base of a mediaeval wayside cross and claim it shows a mason's mark, a rough cross carved into it.
My friend Moira Grieg, of the Mason's Marks Project, recorded 497 marks from 86 different masons.
The mason's marks carved into the quarry-stone lintels are stick figures and feather arrows, suggesting a pre-literate group of stone workers.
There is also a kitchen, utility, cloakroom, family bathroom, and plenty of period features such as gothic windows, inscriptions and mason's marks.
They unanimously agreed that the markings are mason's marks or hieratic characters.