mason's mark

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In medieval construction, a mark cut in a dressed stone to identify the stonecutter.
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My friend Moira Grieg, of the Mason's Marks Project, recorded 497 marks from 86 different masons.
The mason's marks carved into the quarry-stone lintels are stick figures and feather arrows, suggesting a pre-literate group of stone workers.
There is also a kitchen, utility, cloakroom, family bathroom, and plenty of period features such as gothic windows, inscriptions and mason's marks.
They unanimously agreed that the markings are mason's marks or hieratic characters.
The dock gates are in good condition and you can see the mason's marks."
"These names were not just scratches but carved in like mason's marks, cut with skill and care.
Bob Mattimore will give a talk on medieval mason's marks.
Teixidor as mason's marks: m<n> s<ml> "to the left, north," to indicate the placement of the relief.