masonry panel

prefabricated masonry panel

A wall panel fabricated of masonry units which are bonded together at a manufacturing plant and then transported to the job site as a construction unit, ready for erection.
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8) The panel is modeled by isotropic materials with equivalent properties which have general elastic characteristics of masonry panel [4].
Most of the glass doors open, with only a glass cliff-edge balustrade (on a curve with a setting-out point some 200m out to sea) between you and the drop, but opposite the dining area incorporation of structure into a masonry panel creates a framed view.
In both the models, the first cracks develop around the connecting bars, and the failure mode of the masonry panel without strengthening (i.e., rocking) is the same in both the previous and the present models.
Consider the masonry panel shown in Figure 1,subjected to a constant vertical load N acting along the central axis of the panel and to a horizontal force V applied at the top of the panel.
Damage was created in a masonry panel by a "clean diagonal cut" at the center of the specimen which length was progressively extended towards the corners of the specimen.
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[14] conducted shaking table tests on four full-scale single-story structures to investigate the out-of-plane behaviour of unreinforced masonry panels in RC frames.
The present research investigates the behaviour of masonry panels subjected to shear-compression loads.
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“The selection of the zinc for the facade was based on the desire to have a high quality material applied to the central massing element of the building to which the contrasting masonry panels would be applied.
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"This entailed closing the road for a period of time while the said masonry panels were demolished."