master data

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master data

[′mas·tər ′dad·ə]
(computer science)
A set of data which are rarely changed, or changed in a known and constant manner.
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master data management

The administration of the non-transactional data in an organization, such as customers, vendors, employees and products. Such data is contained in "master files," although the term master file has been mostly replaced with the term "database." Master data management is similar to information governance with the focus on the permanent data in an organization rather than transactions. See information governance and master file.

master file

A collection of records pertaining to one of the main subjects of an information system, such as customers, employees, products and vendors. Master files contain descriptive data, such as name and address, as well as summary information, such as amount due and year-to-date sales. Contrast with transaction file. See master data management.

Although there can be many more, following are the typical fields in a business master record. The "key" fields are generally indexed for matching against the transaction records as well as fast retrieval for queries. The account number is usually the primary key, but name may also be primary. There can be secondary indexes; for example, in an inverted file structure, almost all the fields could be indexed. See transaction file for examples of transaction records.

  key  Employee account number
  key  Name (last)
       Name (first)
       Address, city, state, zip
       Hire date
       Birth date
       Job class
       Pay rate
       Year-to-date gross pay

  key  Customer account number
  key  Name
       Bill-to address, city, state, zip
       Ship-to address, city, state, zip
       Credit limit
       Date of first order
       Balance due

  key  Vendor account number
  key  Name
       Address, city, state, zip
       Quality rating
       Shipping method

  key  Product number
  key  Name
       Quantity on hand
       Primary vendor
       Secondary vendor
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The processing of master data can create a number of potential problems.
* The centralized style creates a centralized repository of all the master data, a "hub" that permits access via "spoke" applications and authors in a collaborative environment.
With Software AGEoACAOs ARIS Business Process Analysis platform, MDM will enable customers to identify and define key process master data requirements during the process modeling phase, while its webMethods Business Process Management and SOA product suite will enable customers to integrate master data management into process execution and integration.
Milan Vacval is director of master data solutions at Gladson, a Lisle, Ill-based provider of product images, product information and category management services.
To avoid a customer data integration/ master data management effort being viewed in the same light as a massive enterprise resource planning project, there are end objectives that can be undertaken to provide readily achievable yet significant benefits such as cost reduction, cost containment, more efficient/effective customer cross-selling, increased sales effectiveness and enhanced distribution relationships.
Typically, they have a complex MDM architecture that connects all the MDM solutions' keeping master data in sync across the entire enterprise.
The Active Governance pre-packaged controls for financial integrity are categorized into three functional groups: Operational controls encompass basic transaction, application setup and master data validation; Risk Management controls identify significant cash, credit and asset risk exposure; and Reportable Event controls address the fiscal responsibility that companies have to disclose any material event that may potentially impact the organization's financial health.
Those attempts to impose common business definitions need to be workflow-based and centred around a web-based repository where the 'golden copy' master data can be defined, published and distributed - not by IT but by the business people and operational systems that use and rely on that data.
Through its Intellectual Property Group, which includes MicroPatent, Master Data CenterTM, Liquent, and LPS Group, the company provides a broad array of databases, information products, and complementary services for intellectual property and regulatory professionals.
The system provides two-way communication that allows production schedules, and master data for recipes and machine settings, to be transmitted to the shop floor operators.
has sold Master Data Center (MDC; Southfield, MI) to McGraw-Hill (New York).
D&B for SAP R/3 includes two components, for customer (accounts receivable) and supplier (accounts payable), and integrates R/3 master data and the D&B database at the application layer.