master file

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master file

[′mas·tər ′fīl]
(computer science)
A computer file containing relatively permanent information, usually updated periodically, such as subscriber records or payroll data other than time worked.
A computer file that is used as an authoritative source of data in carrying out a particular job on the computer.
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master file

A collection of records pertaining to one of the main subjects of an information system, such as customers, employees, products and vendors. Master files contain descriptive data, such as name and address, as well as summary information, such as amount due and year-to-date sales. Contrast with transaction file. See master data management.

Although there can be many more, following are the typical fields in a business master record. The "key" fields are generally indexed for matching against the transaction records as well as fast retrieval for queries. The account number is usually the primary key, but name may also be primary. There can be secondary indexes; for example, in an inverted file structure, almost all the fields could be indexed. See transaction file for examples of transaction records.

  key  Employee account number
  key  Name (last)
       Name (first)
       Address, city, state, zip
       Hire date
       Birth date
       Job class
       Pay rate
       Year-to-date gross pay

  key  Customer account number
  key  Name
       Bill-to address, city, state, zip
       Ship-to address, city, state, zip
       Credit limit
       Date of first order
       Balance due

  key  Vendor account number
  key  Name
       Address, city, state, zip
       Quality rating
       Shipping method

  key  Product number
  key  Name
       Quantity on hand
       Primary vendor
       Secondary vendor
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In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) are as follows:
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The portability of standardized electronic master file content is attractive to organizations that want to be seen as ideal acquisition candidates or potential development partners; eTMF content can be quickly and easily reviewed in a due diligence effort, requiring minimal resources to support the review and follow-up activities.
"MetLife agrees that periodic matching of administrative records against available external sources such as the Social Security Death Master File is a best practice and the company is implementing a monthly matching process," it said.
For its report, Scripps Howard reviewed three files from the Death Master File and discovered 31,931 living Americans were listed erroneously in them.
One table, based on the population of returns from the IRS Individual Master File system.
FDA Drug or Device Master File listing, with letter of authorization provided if needed;
A Drug Master File is also available for US submission.
Clinically tested Solgen soy isoflavones, registered in Europe with a Drug Master File, are the natural soy extracts of choice for major brand-names promoting cosmeceuticals for mature women.
As things stand now, most hospitals don't have an adequate central repository for supply data, typically referred to as an item master file. The sheer number of unique items typically purchased by a hospital or IDN--20,000 to 100,000 items--makes the supply data management proposition difficult.
Similarly, an ideal color is stored as a master file with allowable deviation tolerances.
Each of the liners is included in a Drug Master File filing to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), submitted in late 2004.

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