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edible angelica

edible angelica

Grows up to 6ft (2m). Depending on the variety, flowers range from pale lavender-blue to deep rose and have a licorice-celery-like flavor. Use seeds, stems, young leaves and shoots. Leaves used in salads or tea. Stems can be eaten raw. Has stimulating effects on digestive system. Helps relieve indigestion, gas, colic, heartburn. Helps cough up phlegm and relieve bronchitis. Used for colds, respiratory system, liver, strengthening heart, increasing circulation and energy, antibacterial, anti-fungal, hepatitis, . Dried root powder used for athlete’s foot, insecticide. Take in moderation because it might cause dermatitis. It thins blood, so don’t take it if you are on anticoagulants. Promotes menstruation. Do not take if pregnant or diabetic. WARNING- DO NOT CONFUSE WITH POISON HEMLOCK AND GIANT HOGWEED! They look similar. Look at the leaves.
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