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a coniferous evergreen tree of New Zealand, Podocarpus spicatus, having a bluish bark and small linear leaves arranged in two rows: timber used for flooring and weatherboards



an urban-type settlement in Burliutobinskii Raion, Taldy-Kurgan Oblast, Kazakh SSR. It is located on the Aksu River (Lake Balkhash basin). Population, 6,600 (1970). It has a railroad station on the Alma-Ata-Semipalatinsk line. Matai has enterprises connected with railroad transport.

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Project description : The road is section is 50 km long and is part of the Tunduma Sumbawanga Matai Kasesya road.
1-Establish a waste composting plant based on Italian Technology which is appropriate to the Egyptian Conditions - in one of the Matai Markazes of Minya governorate (Matai is the proposed location of the composting plant) where organic waste will be turned into high quality fine compost, the possible Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is extracted to be sold to the Cement Plants which are located/adjacent to Minya Governorates, and the secondary materials will be sorted and sold to waste dealers for further recycling processes.
Matai Medical Research Institute is looking to establish a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) lab in Gisborne to get a better understanding of the brain, heart and body, with a focus on the fast-emerging field of traumatic brain injury.
Women hold 10% of parliament seats, and 11% are matai (chiefs) who govern the island and tribes.
Matai Leuta then added the USA third try with Hughes adding the extra two points for a 19-14 lead with Hughes sealing the victory for the USA with a try and conversionKenya next match will be against hosts France at 3:39pm.
Things turned awry for Kenya on resumption when USA stepped up, cashing on sloppy defending to score in quick succession through Kevon Williams, Matai Letuta and Madison Hughes.
Manaia, a math teacher and chief descendent (matai) created a digital story that explored the relationship between geometrical shapes and traditional Samoan tattoos (Pe'a) (see Figure 2).
We had invited Analysts who are well verse with the said accord: Author, Deng Vanang, war veteran, World Tiger, student leader, Matai Muon, University of Nairobi Post graduate student, Bol Luoy, Senior Youth of South Sudan representative, Benjamin Ubur and others Youth Leaders and compatriots to tell us the pros and cons of Khartoum peace agreement so that we can make inform choices collectively and individually.
The New Zealand Psychological Society Te Ropu Matai Hinengaro a Aotearoa
8473/2013, known as the "Matai Police Station storming" case, as a judge in the southern governorate of Minya condemned supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood who were involved in the case to death.
Vieni placiausiai preciziniuose irenginiuose kaip palyginimo matai naudojami brukAUniniai ilgio matai (JakAUtas 2006; JakAUtas et al.
The line includes captain Jamie Lyon, who returned after a and Kieran Foran and boasting Brett Stewart, Steve Matai and Jorge Taufua.