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a coniferous evergreen tree of New Zealand, Podocarpus spicatus, having a bluish bark and small linear leaves arranged in two rows: timber used for flooring and weatherboards



an urban-type settlement in Burliutobinskii Raion, Taldy-Kurgan Oblast, Kazakh SSR. It is located on the Aksu River (Lake Balkhash basin). Population, 6,600 (1970). It has a railroad station on the Alma-Ata-Semipalatinsk line. Matai has enterprises connected with railroad transport.

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Matai have conducted two programmes of diamond drilling in the Udu Mine area.
HELPING OTHERS TO LEARN Matai Reid takes part in research into the development of the brains of babies.
0204 apply as well to Swains Island, a later addition to American Samoa that is not under the matai system.
11) [Boss to secretary] `tilpen goren lehagid matai nishlexa hahamxa'a shelo shalax?
One of Chappell's stories is about a matai on Ta'u, American Samoa, who upon the suggestion he should write down his knowledge of Samoan oral traditions so others could study them, replied that once he had started to do that, but a hurricane came through and blew it all away.
The matai represents the family in any formal public gathering and represents the extended family in the village council or chief's council.
Connect with Fiji travel experts, tour operators and Matai Agents
Penrith were ten-point victors when the sides met just four weeks ago, but that was at the height of Manly's injury curse and the presence of star backs Jamie Lyon, Steve Matai and Brett Stewart - Lyon and Stewart missed that 22-12 defeat - gives them a distinct class advantage in the return fixture.
Last year, a former adviser to the governor on security, Maluk Matai fell out with his boss over political differences.
Driven by the factors like rapid growth of market demand and technological progress, a few companies including Zijiang Enterprise, FSPG, Zhongjin Matai, Heze Tianxin, as well as Daoming Optics began to set foot in aluminum plastic film industry, among which Zijiang Enterprise, FSPG, Zhongjin Matai, and Heze Tianxin have achieved mass production.
Fellow skipper Jason King and centre Steve Matai were placed on report for high tackles, with Matai at least, unlikely to play this week.