material supplier

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Any commercial firm that supplies components, fixtures, materials, or parts used on a construction project.
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Technical service is one part of the overall commitment made by a material supplier to a molder, according to Bill Hoffer, v.p.
Research and development toward new alloys will be strongly driven by market/application considerations rather than the individual polymer technology strengths of a material supplier. And there will be a deeper appreciation of how the "real-world" processing characteristics of new alloys figure in their overall cost/performance equation.
The success of that first application has solidified a strategic partnership between the customer, molder, and material supplier.
A material supplier endorsing the check certifies payment of all amounts due to it up to the amount of the check,
Tsao, Shuan Hwa's chairman, pointed out that JFE is a major steel material supplier in Japan, and the tie-up is expected to help his company access ample supply of general steel materials, as well as prompt supply of high-end alloys.
Under current Food and Drug Administration regulations, if there is a change in manufacturing or material supplier, the whole process is re-evaluated after your mandatory notification.
The coverage enables the insurance company to respond to product recall legal liability imposed on a supplier (such as a supplement raw material supplier or contract manufacturer) if the company is found to be legally liable for costs associated with their customers' recall of a product.
(Nasdaq:EURX), a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops enhanced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products based on its proprietary drug formulation technologies, has announced that its raw material supplier has filed its response to questions relating to the Drug Master File (DMF) raised by the U.S.
Okamoto Glass, a glass material supplier in Japan, has developed a new glass plate that changes UV lights into visible lights for LED and UV laser devices.
On one recent project, Eller worked with a material supplier to "develop parameters for performance-related testing that is appropriate for cold recycle mix design."
Things will run rampant for a while, but it is going to stop and come down a lot faster than it went up.--A Ferrous Raw Material Supplier"

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