Mathematical Expectation

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Expectation, Mathematical


(expected value), one of the most important characteristics of the probability distribution of a random variable. For a random variable X that assumes a sequence of values y1, y2, …, yk with probabilities p1, p2, … pk, respectively, mathematical expectation is defined by the formula

(assuming that the series Σkǀykǀpk converges). Thus, for example, if X is the number of dots showing on the upper face of a die (X assumes each of the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with probability 1/6), then

For a random variable that has a probability density function p(y) mathematical expectation is defined by the formula

Mathematical expectation characterizes the distribution of values of a random variable. The role of mathematical expectation is fully explained by the law of large numbers. When random variables are added, their mathematical expectations are also added, and when two independent random variables are multiplied, their expectations are also multiplied. The mathematical expectation of the random variable eux, that is, f(t) = Eeux where t is a real number, is called a characteristic function.


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When the cycle time is determined by the demand rate, delivery quantity per shipment, and the mathematical expectation of the defective rate, stockout and residue will happen in the end of a cycle due to the randomness of the defective rate, but there is no related discussion about the case of residue in current literatures.
The probability is equal to n2-n and the mathematical expectation is
For selection of informative attributes by mathematical expectation we suggested the rule which control belonging of attributes in limits of the bottom [a.
It involves the construction of two types of indifference curves, one for the expected utility hypothesis and one for the mathematical expectation hypothesis, and to show that the latter is steeper than the former.
It is possible to observe the stochastic component of the load as consisting of expected deviation [zeta](t), which describes the conditional mathematical expectation of the stochastic component and normally distributed non-correlated residual deviation (white noise) [xi](t).
Hence, as seen from column 3 of Table 5, mathematical expectation of profit [[alpha].
This paper will explore not only some concepts used in describing probability, but also some different kinds of probability situations using mathematical expectation concepts.
The concept of mathematical expectation is one that we encounter frequently in later chapters.
4) If there is a given probability of a substantial change in the exchange rate in a particular direction, the mathematical expectation of a change will be significant even if most of the probability density is concentrated on small changes.
Mu]](Z) is the mathematical expectation of Z and Z is given by
t] = the mathematical expectation conditional on information available at time t; and
E denotes the mathematical expectation conditional on information available in the current period.

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