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matte, mat, matt

A surface finish which is dull, with little or no gloss or sheen, and with low light reflectivity.
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There wasn't a soul that had a chance to say, "thank you" for all Matt Parker did within the weather and climate enterprise.
Blonde Danni has decided to speak out after a week in which Matt, 26, went on Twitter to insist she had told him he was NOT the father.
Matt knew the buck was continually using the area he was hunting, but the beast simply refused to show himself in shooting hours.
Matt, from Kings Heath, dedicated his life to helping youngsters in some of the most deprived areas of Birmingham.
Aside from preparing himself in losing 30 pounds for the role of Felix Turner, Matt Bomer revealed that he also had to prepare his three sons with spouse Simon Halls on his dramatic weight loss.
Democratic Congressional Candidate Matt Fecteau states, "We do have some disagreements and we will express our disagreements, but we should build on what we agree on and expand from there.
Full-body matt clears have increased in popularity in recent years.
The Lesonal Multi Matt Clear is a two pack clearcoat that is designed for both the repair and total re-spray of original matt finishes.
Matt Monro Junior not only has a striking resemblance to his late father, but has his own inimitable way of presenting his songs.
Matt carried him down the hillside to his parked car and handed Jack to his wife, Jodi, who hugged her dog and cried.
Matt, on the other hand, officially joined FEI just last November.
Gulf Coast last August, Matt Slaig and his family fled from their home in Metairie, Louisiana.