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, matzoh, matza, matzah
a brittle very thin biscuit of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during Passover



(Unleavened Bread) thin wafer of unleavened dough; Jews eat matzos during Passover instead of leavened bread, which is prohibited at that time.

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Matzo ball soup is a staple in most Jewish households, but you can't survive on it all Pesach long.
5 Meanwhile, make the matzo balls by combining the fat, egg, matzo meal and 1/2 tbsp warm water.
He met his wife, Catherine, at the 1997 Boston Matzo Ball.
Make your matzo balls and freeze them on a cookie sheet.
The soup was a clean, flavorful broth buoying matzo balls as God intended them to be: feather-light and fluffy.
In addition to its savory meats, the two-day feast held at two separate villages will include 900 pounds of matzo, 720 eggs for the Seder plate and 84 Helena cakes surrounding 250 centerpieces of roses and gerbera daisies.
6 million boxes of kosher-for-Passover matzo and did not produce any schmura matzo for sale.
For the matzo balls, there is an evolution starting with Mrs.
And they were flicking pita and matzo bread at each other the whole time.
According to a source cited by Matzo et al, approximately what percentage of adults in industrialized nations have experienced tinnitus during their lifetimes?
And instead of using a lot of flour, I use just two tablespoons of matzo meal.