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see monthmonth,
in chronology, the conventional period of a lunation, i.e., passage of the moon through all its phases. It is usually computed at approximately 29 or 30 days. For the computation of the month and its harmony with the solar calendar and for the months in others than the
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name for several plants; in England, particularly the hawthornhawthorn,
any species of the genus Crataegus of the family Rosaceae (rose family), shrubs and trees widely distributed in north temperate climates and especially common in E North America.
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. See also mayflowermayflower,
in botany, name for several spring-blooming plants. In England the hawthorn is called mayflower, or may; in North America the name is used for the trailing arbutus, the hepatica, and an herb (Maianthemum canadense) of the family Liliaceae (lily family).
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Sir Robert McCredie. born 1936, Australian biologist and ecologist
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Its bright notes of citron and foxglove are teamed with jasmine, may blossom and amber.
They have also been seen together at showbiz events - and now pals are hoping their friendship may blossom.
The hedgerows were full of cowslips and campion, bluebells and may blossom.
Kirsty says she hopes romance may blossom after she met the former Take That singer at a charity football match.
While I rejoice in the bluebells, the May blossom and the obscenely green pastures, my joy is shortlived because of the hideous effects of pollen.
The native hedgerows are covered with May Blossom and the woodlands are carpeted with bluebells, wild garlic and wood anemone.
A romance may blossom unexpectedly around November.
First the yellow - the celandine and daffodils, dandelions and primroses, then white - stargazer lilies, anemones, clouds of snowdrops, may blossom and stitchwort - colour coming in schemes at first to the wide land, before other picks of colour - the dog violets, and the bluebells and campions, and, in the woods close to the stream, ramsons: wild garlic.
When I first began listening to it, the Sunday Omnibus was always prefaced by Walter Gabriel and Tom Forrest musing on the early appearance of the may blossom or the behaviour of the hares on Lakey Hill.
Facts and myths about hawthorn:Hawthorn is also known as May blossom, quick, thorn, whitethorn, hazels, gazels, hagthorn, ladies meat and the bread and cheese tree.