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see passionflowerpassionflower,
any plant of the genus Passiflora, mostly tropical American vines having pulpy fruits. Some species are grown in greenhouses for their large, unusual flowers of various colors; those seen by early Spanish settlers were interpreted as symbolic of the
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Maypop Shop employs eight full-time and part-time employees and sells a large selection of house plants, native pollinator plants, herbs, edible plants and more.
When this happens, Tammy says, she just smiles and gently reminds them that Maypop Shop is a woman-owned and woman-operated company.
Maypop offers two French sparklers by the glass-a Blanquette de Limoux for $7 ($35 a bottle) and a cremant brut rose ($9/$45).
"Sparkling wine is not just for the holidays," says Gulotta at Maypop: "There's always a reason to throw a party in New Orleans."
At Maypop, The Pom Dot Com ($12) is made with Nolet's gin, Aperol, green Chartreuse and cava.
--Jeff Gulotta, managing partner sommelier at Maypop restaurant in New Orleans
Caption: Maypop restaurant in New Orleans offers two sparklers by the glass and four more by the bottle, including cava and a sparkling rose from South America.
Maypop (Passiflora incarnata)--also known as passionflower or passion vine--belongs to a mostly tropical botanical group called the Passifloraceae.
Over the centuries, maypop has fallen out of favor.
My maypop bonanza began with a single seed started in a small pot in a south-facing window.
I've moved maypops to trellised locations throughout my garden, including a fence covered half in Virginia creeper and half in maypop.