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(məzûr`kə, –zo͝or`–), Polish national dance that spread to England and the United States at the beginning of the 19th cent. Danced by four or eight couples and characterized by stamping of the feet and clicking of the heels, it is in moderate triple meter and permits improvisation. ChopinChopin, Frédéric François
, 1810–49, composer for the piano, b. near Warsaw, of French and Polish parentage. His lyrical, often melancholy, compositions brought romantic piano music to unprecedented expressive heights.
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 composed more than 50 mazurkas for piano.



a Polish folk dance that originated among the Mazurs and later became a popular national dance. The mazurka has a quick tempo and is written in ¾ or ⅜ time. The music has syncopated rhythm, sharp leaps in the melody, and a capricious accentuation, with the accent often falling on the beats of the measure that are usually weak. It became a ballroom dance in the 19th century. The mazurka is danced by couples in a circle. Among the composers who were influenced by its rhythms were F. Chopin, S. Moniuszko, H. Wieniawski, M. I. Glinka, P. I. Tchaikovsky, and A. K. Glazunov.


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, mazourka
1. a Polish national dance in triple time
2. a piece of music composed for this dance
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Greater or lesser offenses against the cause of Chopin studies abound here, but the most dispiriting sentences I could imagine appearing in an edition published in 1995 come in a footnote to the Mazurka in F Minor (op.
The stewards found that Hamasah, who began her challenge on the outside early in the straight, had caused interference to Mazurka and to What A Scene, who finished eighth, by going to the right.
In understated fashion, he brought out each piece's shifting balance between dance rhythms and lyricism, from the softly sinking melancholy of the Polonaise to the swaggering rhythmic kick of the second Mazurka (Op.56 No.2).
Included are these staples of piano repertoire: Chopin's Mazurka, Op.
Transcriptions of Bach's Jesu, joy of man's desiring and Sheep may safely graze, Debussy's Clair de lune, gentle Scarlatti and a Chopin Mazurka and Nocturne are, for someone of Fleisher's calibre, slight offerings, more to do with the personal and emotional significance of his rehabilitation than a display of his newfound technical ability.
Special awards of $1,000 each were given to Igor Lovchinsky for Best Performance of Mazurka and Mei-Ting Sun, who received awards for Best Performance of Polonaise and Best Performance of Concerto.
Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch brought to Brooklyn's Next Wave Festival the New York premiere of one of her more recent full-evening pieces, Masurca Fogo (Fiery Mazurka).
The wide range of impressionistic styles and idioms begins with the harmonic techniques of Frederic Chopin (Mazurka in A Minor, Op.
More enjoyment and conviction came with Delibes' lively Mazurka. Well done trombones.
Holden tweaked and refined each scene, revising whole sections, such as the mazurka and czardas, which had been altered for television.
A mazurka pas de trois for Neli Beliakaite, Carissa Hart and Steven Lumadue and a waltz for Suzanne Bryant and Don Love show off the dancers' academic skills and deportment with--for Powell--surprising severity.
The four top prizes include $18,000, $12,000, $8,000 and $5,000, with special $1,000 prizes for the best performance of a mazurka, polonaise and concerto.