mean aerodynamic chord

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mean aerodynamic chord (MAC)

mean aerodynamic chord (MAC)click for a larger image
The chord of an imaginary regular airfoil having the same force vectors under all conditions and throughout the flight range as those of an actual wing. Practically, it is very close to a mean chord.
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where the control inputs are fuel-to-air ratio <p, elevator deflection [[delta].sub.e], and canard deflection [[delta].sub.c]; [bar.q], S, [z.sub.T], [bar.c], [M.sub.[infinity]] denote dynamic pressure, reference area, thrust moment arm, mean aerodynamic chord, and Mach number; [DELTA][[tau].sub.1] and [DELTA][[tau].sub.2] are the forebody turn angle and the aftbody vertex angle which are linear mapping of elastic states [[eta].sub.i].
Model parameters Data Reference area ([m.sup.2]) 0.3926 Mean aerodynamic chord (m) 0.3445 Semispan (m) 1.2857 Table 2: The modal circular frequencies (unit: rad/s).
choose to set 10 pressure sensors along the mean aerodynamic chord [6].

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