measuring frame

batch box

A container of known volume used to measure and mix the constituents of a batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar, to ensure proper proportions.
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grinding the ends parallel, soaking the cores to reach SSD condition, mounting the core in a measuring frame with an LVDT, placing the frame in a controlled temperature water bath, varying the temperature of the bath between 10 and 50 degrees Celsius (50-122 degrees Fahrenheit), and reading the length change over that temperature range.
In addition to measuring frame rate results, Mercury Research also tested Winbench performance and Savage3D grabbed second place honors by outperforming Voodoo 2 from 3Dfx, Revolution IV from Number Nine, i740 from Intel and MGA-G200 from Matrox.
Concord has extended its highly innovative Network Health software suite to focus on measuring Frame Relay network performance and WAN bandwidth requirements," said Charlie Robbins, vice president of communications research at Boston-based Aberdeen Group.
1As measured by a sampling of AAA game titles using the games benchmark mode measuring frames per second (FPS) on Intel Core i7-8700K processor.
London Zoo lured lions, penguins and other animals on to scales and measuring frames on Thursday at the launch of an annual weigh-in of 20,000 captive creatures in some 700 species.
The second option is to use specialized internally synchronized card providing a high-precise frame timestamping and measuring frames in loopback as is suggested by Ingram et al.
As an optometrist from back in the swinging '60s, I can remember being taught glazing (by hand), measuring frames and actually making frames.
Part one examines theory and methods of framing research, including a debate over whether framing can be subsumed within agenda-setting theory or not, quantitative methods for identifying and measuring frames in texts through content analysis, and qualitative methods of postmodern frame analysis.