Measuring Instrument

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Measuring Instrument


a device that makes possible direct reading of values of a quantity being measured.

In analog instruments the readout is from a scale; in digital instruments, from a digital reading device. Indicating instruments are intended only for visual readings, whereas recording instruments are equipped with a device for recording the readings, mainly on paper. Recording instruments are subdivided into automatic types, which produce a record of readings in the form of a diagram, and printing types, which provide readings in digital form. In direct-action instruments (such as a manometer or ammeter), one or more conversions of the measured quantity are performed and its value is found without comparison with a known like quantity. In comparison instruments the quantity being measured is compared directly with a like quantity reproduced by a standard (examples are an equal-arm balance, an electric potentiometer, and a comparator for linear measures). Integrating instruments (electric or gas meters), in which the quantity is integrated in time or with respect to another independent variable, and summation instruments, which provide the value of two or more quantities fed through different channels (wattmeters, which total the power of several electrical generators), are among the varieties of measuring instruments.

To automate the control of industrial processes, measuring instruments are often equipped with additional recording, calculating, and control devices that function according to predetermined programs.


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ALMEMO 2590-A Professional Measuring Instruments also feature a “sleep” mode for long-term recording applications.
Among the five segments of the Analytical and Measuring Instruments segment (see graph above), Environmental Analyzers posted the fastest year over year growth, with sales up 24.
As part of Shimadzu's 2005-2008 Medium-Term Management Plan, the company aims to continue to expand the Analytical and Measuring Instrument division internationally, particularly in North America and China, as well as grow its already strong position in markets such as GC and environmental analyzers.
To prepare for the Measuring Instrument Directive which comes into force in October 30th 2036:
Vibration Measuring Instruments Calibration: Vibration Analyzer
Calibration (VIM-1993)--set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system, or values represented by a material measure or a reference material, and the corresponding values realized by standards.
This cone and plate, single point viscosity measuring instrument is said to feature rapid temperature control for sample conditioning without the need for external temperature baths.
wider markets for measuring instrument manufacturers,
The RF AirAnalyzer from fjord-e-design, a highly versatile measuring instrument for analyzing different radio systems, will be distributed with immediate effect via a new contact person.
The meters need to be delivered in accordance with European directives and guidelines, such as the Measuring Instrument Directive, the EN-1434 and other relevant standards.
Ltd ("KEM") has endeavored as a specialized manufacturer of scientific instruments since 1961 introducing a broad product line of analyzers of high quality and reliability including analytical and measuring instruments that addressed laboratory needs of the time and continuous monitoring system that provide demanding environmental protection.
However, because no measuring instruments conforming to XFI had been available until now, precise measurement of jitter that was degrading circuit performance was impossible because noise generated inside the XFP module or improper matching conditions with the instruments influenced the measurements.