mechanical advantage

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mechanical advantage:

see machinemachine,
arrangement of moving and stationary mechanical parts used to perform some useful work or to provide transportation. From a historical perspective, many of the first machines were the result of human efforts to improve war-making capabilities; the term engineer
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mechanical advantage

[mi′kan·ə·kəl əd′van·tij]
(mechanical engineering)
The ratio of the force produced by a machine such as a lever or pulley to the force applied to it. Also known as force ratio.

Mechanical advantage

Ratio of the force exerted by a machine (the output) to the force exerted on the machine, usually by an operator (the input). The term is useful in discussing a simple machine, where it becomes a figure of merit. It is not particularly useful, however, when applied to more complicated machines, where other considerations become more important than a simple ratio of forces. See Efficiency, Simple machine

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The mechanical advantage of the pulley is increased by pulling the string a longer distance.
Mechanical advantage is a measure of claw leverage, calculated from the ratio of two lever arms (Warner & Jones 1976) (Fig.
This derivation implies what is seen clinically and was seen in this study: that in order for a tourniquet to be effective, it must employ some type of mechanical advantage to occlude blood flow.
Given the mechanical advantages but worrisome anatomy involved with this procedure, the reported experience of surgeons like those who wrote this paper becomes very important.
These mechanical advantages provided by the digital medium were evidenced in several ways.
But Jackie Stewart and Eddie Jordan believe Irvine's mental strength could be as important as any mechanical advantage enjoyed by McLaren Mercedes driver Hakkinen.
Instead of lifting straight up, you are making use of a mechanical advantage.
Modifications include using a mechanical advantage pulley system that lifts wheelchair participants in full body harnesses and allows them to swing across to the landing using a swinging or traversing platform, a rope chat, or using a rope with a rubber stabilizer in the bottom of a loop to hold the loop open and provide for easier foot removal.
Self-propulsion on the open road goes fastest in a marathon chair or, better yet, with a handcycle where efforts are multiplied by finding the gear that provides the perfect mechanical advantage.
The loom is a framework of pegs holding the warp threads (lengthwise threads); it provides the simple mechanical advantage of separating the warp threads so the weft threads (crosswise threads) can be inserted easily and accurately.
The new GT cars work every mechanical advantage possible, just like its predecessors, while surrounding its well-healed owners with hedonistic features.
New work attitudes, which employ reflexive safety margins for leverage, stability and crisis control, can enable emergency services personnel to physically respond with the greatest mechanical advantage.