mechanical equipment room

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mechanical equipment room, machinery room

A room containing a permanently installed refrigeration or air-conditioning system, or major parts thereof.
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Caption: FIGURE 7 South HVAC mechanical equipment room plan.
On the roof is a mechanical equipment room with ventilation systems which supply the surgical area.
Electric installation work in new and existing buildings at the district hospital Viechtach, functional areas Laboratory, emergency department, intensive care and mechanical equipment room.
com)-- Stonhard's newest product family, Stongard, consists of four waterproofing and decking membrane products formulated to address moisture issues in mechanical equipment rooms and indoor spaces.
The base building is a single-level, 4,500-square-foot structure and includes administrative spaces, electrical and mechanical equipment rooms, bathrooms, lockers and break rooms.
The challenges WASA faced included the location of the Mechanical Equipment Rooms in interstitial spaces between occupied floors.
The amount of leaseable floor space is increased by eliminating the need for onsite mechanical equipment rooms, including chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and refrigerant-monitoring systems.

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