mechanical impedance

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Mechanical impedance

For a system executing simple harmonic motion, the mechanical impedance is the ratio of force to particle velocity. If the force is that which drives the system and the velocity is that of the point of application of the force, the ratio is the input or driving-point impedance. If the velocity is that at some other point, the ratio is the transfer impedance corresponding to the two points.

Mechanical impedance is a complex quantity. The real part, the mechanical resistance, is independent of frequency if the dissipative forces are proportional to velocity; the imaginary part, the mechanical reactance, varies with frequency, becoming zero at the resonant and infinite at the antiresonant frequencies of the system. See Forced oscillation, Harmonic motion

mechanical impedance

[mi′kan·ə·kəl im′pēd·əns]
The complex ratio of a phasor representing a sinusoidally varying force applied to a system to a phasor representing the velocity of a point in the system.
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The goal of this study is to show how the kinematics and kinetics of the ankle, and therefore its mechanical impedance, change in different maneuvers.
The mechanical impedance of a joint is a function of both passive (e.
Electrical admittance Y([omega]) of the piezoelectric transducer (PZT) is a combined function of the mechanical impedance of the PZT actuator [Z.
Measurement of the mechanical impedance of laminated glass.
A vertical smooth blade with an array of strain gauges was designed to dynamically measure mechanical impedance of soil at multiple depths.
Electrical admittance Y([omega]) (inverse function of the electrical impedance) of the piezoelectric transducer (PZT) is a combined function of the mechanical impedance of the PZT actuator [Z.
The sensors are used during vibration testing of aerospace structures to match the mechanical impedance of shaker inputs and may be used to force limit the shaker controller to prevent damage to expensive structures.

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