mechanical saw

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band saw

A saw consisting of an endless, toothed steel belt which runs between two wheels, one of which is machine-powered.
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Total quantity or scope: supply of spare parts for the repair of mechanical saws Husqvarna 34 Estimated value excluding VAT: 59,456 RON
No-one would expect roadworks with mechanical saws and pneumatic drills to be an oasis of peace and calm.
Of the three types of wafer scribing processes available on the market, we found that mechanical saws could damage the dielectric layers while nanosecond lasers weakened the wafer's die break strength.
Contract award: repair parts and mechanical saws - forestry directorate bacau
Tenders are invited for Repair Parts and Mechanical Saws - Forestry Directorate Bacau
Procurement Supply Parts and Supplies Mechanical Saws as Provisions Specification and Bills of Quantities Lot 1: Minimum Value Framework Agreement and Subsequent Contraction - 4224.
Tenders are invited for Service Maintenance and Repair of Mechanical Saws DS Gorj.
Procurement Maintenance and Repair of Mechanical Saws 30

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