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1. any drug, agent, electrical impulse, or other factor able to cause a response in an organism
2. an object or event that is apprehended by the senses
3. Med a former name for stimulant



something that excites to action and motivates behavior. The concept of stimulus is characteristic primarily of those trends in psychology that base behavior analysis on the stimulus-response correlation (classical psychophysics and especially behaviorism, as well as neobehaviorism). The term “stimulus” is also retained in some psychological concepts that in essence supersede the stimulus-response correlation. Thus, for example, in the Würzburg school, a task or an awareness of a goal is considered to be a stimulus. In this case, the term “stimulus” is almost metaphorical. Even further from the term’s original meaning is the treatment it receives in the cultural and historical conceptions of L. S. Vygotskii, who established a functional difference between stimulus objects, at which action is directed, and stimulus means, by which action is accomplished. According to Vygotskii, signs serve as stimulus means.

In sociopsychological studies a distinction is sometimes made between motives as internal excitations and stimuli as external excitations to action (see Chelovek i ego rabota [collection], 1967, pp. 38–39).



(control systems)
A signal that affects the controlled variable in a control system.
An agent that produces a temporary change in physiological activity in an organism or in any of its parts.
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In this respect, the contribution to the mechanical stimulus calculation of elements for which the value of SIF is below 0.
Bone loss during long term space flight is prevented by the application of a short term impulsive mechanical stimulus.
This suggests, therefore, that the synaptic activity may serve to somehow prime the cnidocyte in preparation for the subsequent mechanical stimulus that would indicate physical contact has been made with the source of the odorant.
this device is capable of measuring the sample mechanically deformed by rotating the rotating heads with different geometry (torsion clamps , plate / plate , cone / plate , concentric cylinders) of different speeds or by applying different forces or mechanical stimulus of the oscillating movement of the head of different frequencies and distortion .
Some NRM neurons called off-cells are inhibited during acute application of a noxious, thermal, or mechanical stimulus, and this pause in firing is essential for occurrence of withdrawal reflexes, as has been shown in lightly anesthetized rats [1112].
A mechanical stimulus applied to the heart by touching or pressing the heart wall with a small glass rod produced a transient systolic arrest within a localized region near the stimulated site.
To desensitize the animals to the mechanical stimulus, tank water was pumped continuously, via plastic flexible tubing, from the tank through the stimulus-introduction tubing.
So, the overarching question is how the mechanical stimulus, namely strain on the cell surface, is coupled to gating - how that strain is converted into an electrical current.

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