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Mechanical turbulence is linked closely to strong surface-based instability (such as solar heating or cold air passing over warm terrain), strong pressure gradients, and speed shear and directional shear in the lowest mile of the atmosphere.
Mechanical turbulence is usually worst down low, although mountain waves can propagate into the flight levels.
However, it is difficult for mechanical turbulence process to distribute the microparticles evenly in the matrix while avoiding agglomeration or clustering due to high surface-to-volume ratio and low wetting in the molten metal.
The complexity of the local terrain and how it creates four unique wind patterns that can generate severe mechanical turbulence at times, provides pilots with very tough challenges."
The bubbles emerging from the lower tube influence heat transfer rates for the tube above it due to additional mechanical turbulence. This investigation pertains to modification in an earlier nucleate pool boiling heat transfer correlation developed by this author.
With the increase in mean wind speed nationwide, mechanical turbulence becomes an everyday hazard.
Mechanical turbulence occurs due to strong low-level winds interacting with the terrain, producing strong vertical shear (gradients of wind speed).
* Focus your route selections on avoiding areas and seasons most prone to both atmospheric and mechanical turbulence, including mountains, high desert in the summer and fall, and over water.
This process produces extensive mechanical turbulence and low-level wind shear from the ground up to about 5000 feet.
Do you know your CAT from your mechanical turbulence?