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Media Converter

A component used in Ethernet, although it is not part of the IEEE standard. The IEEE standard states that all segments must be linked with repeaters. Media converters were developed as a simpler, cheaper alternative to repeaters. However, in the 1990s the cost difference between the two is negligible.
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media converter

(1) Software that converts one type of file format into another. See data conversion.

(2) Hardware that connects different cable types.

Ethernet Media Converters
These Omnitron converters connect different Ethernets. Left: coax and twisted pair. Middle: fiber and twisted pair. Right: fiber and coax. (Image courtesy of Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc., See 10Base-T, 10Base2 and 10Base-F.
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With Transition's 10 Gigabit media converter a user can select the fiber module needed to support their specific transmission distance requirements.
In response, Hitachi Cable has developed an [no need?]XLGMC-1001 media converter that supports the new 40 Gigabit Ethernet interface standard, the first such product anywhere in the world.
Because of the single connection utility of media converters, fiber does not have to be an expensive all-or-nothing proposition.
AutomationDirect's new line of Stride[TM] industrial-grade unmanaged Ethernet switches and media converters is built for industrial environments.
UK-based D-Link Ltd has expanded its range of networking products with a series of fast Ethernet media converters.
A special type of media converter called the Long Haul Media Converter (100BaseTX to 100BaseFX) can connect these two environments via single-mode fibre, effectively extending the network distance to 40km, past the 2km limitation of multi-mode fibre.
The media converter family is available in 2-port, 3-port, and 4-port versions and includes PD signature sensing and power monitoring features.
The Red Lion Sixnet SLX-3EG is a rug ged 3 port Gigabit industrial Ethernet media converter that provides flexibility and fast performance in industrial settings.
To provide power to network devices over an existing CAT 5 data connection, the Gigabit Ethernet Power-over-Ethernet (POE) media converter is capable of handling speeds up to Gigabit Ethernet and can be located more than 100 meters from the main PoE power-sourcing equipment (PSE) without the expensive replication of the PSE.
Fujitsu Components America, Inc., has announced it has released a four-channel, copper-to-fiber media converter that extends optical bandwidth transport of 12.5 Gigabit/sec to a maximum distance of 300m with low-power dissipation when used with a media detect circuit.

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