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A projection on the distal end of the tibia and fibula at the ankle.
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the peripheral process at which terminate the inner surface of the distal (that is, from the trunk) epiphysis of the tibia (the inner malleolus) and the lower, thickened end of the fibula (the outer malleolus). Both malleoli have flat articular surfaces and hold the articular surface (trochlea) of the talus in a fork.

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F, fibula; LM, lateral malleolus; MM, medial malleolus; T, talus.
Interestingly, these studies provided descriptions of high-energy transsyndesmotic ankle translocation fractures in the majority of patients (extrusion of the distal tibia, medial malleolus fracture, Volkmann's fracture, etc.; Table 1 and [1,2]) very similar to the injury sustained by our patient.
Topographic anatomy of the tibial nerve in the medial malleolus: application to the effect of nerve block anesthesia.
With the patellae straight the lateral malleolus was seen to precede the medial malleolus. Since feet and hips are normal, this indicates internal tibial torsion.
The GSV began as the medial end of dorsal venous arch, is joined by medial marginal vein in front of the medial malleolus of the ankle.
Chiropractors routinely assess LLD using visual analysis with the patient prone or supine and compare medial malleolus, sole-heel interface or bottom of the shoes for relative position.
Results: The average angle between tibia plafond and the articular facet of the medial malleolus was 55.88+-4.11deg.
It centralises the mechanical axis of the tibia over the talus and there is no prominent medial malleolus found after medial wedge removal.
[13] With the subject standing, the angle between the first metatarsal, medial malleolus and the navicular bone was measured.
The two static anatomic landmarks used in measuring leg-length discrepancy are the anterior superior iliac spine located right under the belt line and the medial malleolus.
The fractured medial malleolus was everted, the deltoid ligament was protected, and the fracture was reduced and fixed with two AO cancellous screws.

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