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Inflammation of the mediastinum.



inflammation of the mediastinum, arising as a result of injury (most often, to the esophagus) or disease of the organs of the thoracic cavity, neck, and oral cavity.

Mediastinitis may be acute or chronic. The acute form is manifested by elevated temperature, chills, chest pains, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, and cough. The principal indications of chronic mediastinitis are symptoms of venous, tracheal, and esophageal compression. The treatment of mediastinitis is usually surgical. Preventive measures include timely diagnosis and effective treatment of the diseases that lead to the condition.

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Previous studies reported that the most common bacteria identified in mediastinal abscess were of oropharyngeal origin, such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Actinomyces , hemolytic Streptococcu s, and Streptococcus intermedius , suggesting that the translocation of oral and nasopharyngeal bacteria to deep mediastinal tissues through the transbronchial or transtracheal passage of the needle were the most possible causes of mediastinitis or mediastinal abscess.
Aorto-esophageal fistula that develops after foreign body-induced esophageal perforation is usually fatal; the accompanying aortic pseudoaneurysm and esophagitis and/or mediastinitis must be managed promptly.
Complications with endoscopic approaches include dental damage, persistence or recurrence of symptoms, mucosal tears, pneumothorax, and mediastinitis.
Mediastinitis secondary to an odontogenic infection.
Disseminated necrotic mediastinitis spread from odontogenic abscess: our experience.
4 - case Authors Location Outcome Kitahara et Lung; Died; malignant al, 1993 (4) retroperitoneum paraganglioma Died of mediastinitis Park et al, Anterior with combined 2000 (5) mediastinum pneumonia 22 days after operation Lieberum Paranasal sinus Recovery et al, 2003 (6) Dahir et al, Mediastinum Recovery 2004 (7) Otsuka et Retroperitoneum Recovery al, 2005 (8) Died of Willenberg pulmonary et al, 2006 (9) Retroperitoneum bleeding 6 months after operation Palau et al, Mediastinum Recovery 2006 (10) Fohr et al, Anterior Recovery 2011 (11) mediastinum Thomas et Left paranasal Recovery al, 2013 (12) sinus Serra et al, right nasal Recovery 2013 (13) sinuses Present Retroperitoneum Recovery case All are paraganglioma proved by immunohistochemistry.
The mediastinum is the site for a vast range of disease varying from tumors, cysts, vascular lesions, lymph node masses, to mediastinitis.
A pesar que la esternotomia es un abordaje efectivo que permite excelente visualizacion del bocio y del area mediastinal, hay que tener en cuenta Las posibles complicaciones asociadas como el dolor postoperatorio, complicaciones pulmonares, dehiscencia esternal, mediastinitis y molestias por el material de sutura, entre otras (15,16).
wound sepsis (2), graft thrombosis (1), graft sepsis (1), mediastinitis (1), missed injury (2) and endoleak (1).
These complications include cognitive decline in 20% to 70% patients3, Mediastinitis in 1.
In the presented cases, the bone was removed by gastrotomy instead of transthoracic esophagotomy since transthoracic oesopha- gotomy had some complications such as pyothorax, mediastinitis, pleural effusion (Sale and Williams, loc.
The most serious differential diagnosis of SPM is Boerhaave's syndrome which should be ruled out with a contrast-swallow study when suspected, especially if there is a history of forceful vomiting, because it may lead to mediastinitis [16].