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the examination of the anterior mediastinum for the purpose of biopsy.

Mediastinoscopy is performed in the operating room under anesthesia. The instrument used in the operation, called the mediastinoscope, is a hollow tube, 15 cm long with a longitudinal slit for manipulation of accessory instruments. The mediastinoscope is introduced into the anterior mediastinum through a transverse incision over the manubrium of the sternum.

Mediastinoscopy makes it possible to examine, puncture, and take pieces of tissue or lymph nodes for histological examination. The anterior surface of the trachea, the anterior and lateral surfaces of the main bronchi, and the connective tissue and lymph nodes surrounding them are also accessible to mediastinoscopy.


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If disease was suspected but not confirmed, patients underwent further radiological follow up (thoracoscopy, thoracotomy, or mediastinoscopy and CT-guided biopsy) after 6 months.
to make the diagnosis' including needle aspiration' BAL' transbronchial biopsy' open-lung biopsy' and mediastinoscopy.
As the gold standard for primary lymph node staging,[sup][10],[11] mediastinoscopy was not recommended in patients with peripheral tumors and negative mediastinal PET images, because it is not cost effective for patients with clinical stage N0 NSCLC,[sup][12] and direct surgical resection with systematic nodal dissection is indicated for tumors ≤3 cm located in the outer third of the lung.
It has gained an important place in lung cancer staging, often replacing mediastinoscopy.
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All patients underwent histological verification by either mediastinoscopy alone or thoracotomy with mediastinal lymphanedectomy.
Acute superior vena caval syndrome with airway obstruction following elective mediastinoscopy.
Mediastinoscopy was used to stage the patients in this study.
The patient then underwent mediastinoscopy with tissue biopsy.
9) If hilar or mediastinal lymph nodes are present, these may be sampled using mediastinoscopy by a cardiothoracic surgeon.
Mediastinoscopy is a procedure in which a surgeon makes a small cut in your neck and inserts a hollow lighted tube behind the sternum (breast bone), while you're under general anesthesia.