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Evacuation, Medical


in the armed forces of the USSR, a series of measures taken by the military medical service to evacuate the wounded and sick from the field of battle or from a focus of mass destruction to medical facilities, called collecting stations, which provide interim medical treatment. The need for medical evacuation arises when conditions at the focus of destruction sharply limit the opportunities for immediate treatment, which is the most advisable from a medical point of view. Medical evacuation is an emergency procedure that affects the health of the evacuee, since it disturbs his rest and interrupts continuous medical care. As a result, medical evacuation is not conducted unnecessarily and is carried out with the utmost care.

Because its purpose is the timely provision of qualified and specialized medical care, medical evacuation involves the rapid transfer of the sick and injured to the evacuation stages where, according to the circumstances and the medical indications, patients will receive the most efficient treatment. Special medical transports and other available means, such as supply transports, are used for the evacuation.

Medical evacuation is closely linked to triage, which is the sorting of evacuees according to the medical indications and contraindications for evacuation, the type of transport to be used, the order of evacuation, and the destination. Coordination of transportation includes such measures as examining the evacuees before departure, adjusting bandages, and administering painkillers. When used to carry the injured and the sick, supply vehicles must be made warm and must be equipped with soft bedding and additional shock-absorbing devices. These and other modifications ensure relatively comfortable traveling accommodations for the evacuees.

Medical evacuation is a vital element not only of troop medical support, but also of the public assistance provided by the civil defense medical service. It is also used in natural disasters and in other catastrophes with large numbers of victims.


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The employment of IEDs resulted in types of polytrauma patients unseen in previous American conflicts who required a higher level of care than normally provided by medical evacuation teams of the past.
All medical evacuation trips are carried on board a fully-equipped aircraft, the equivalent of an on-board intensive care unit and are staffed with a pool of highly-experienced paramedics who are permanently in practice,' Al Gaith explained.
It's very exciting for me to gather with everyone," added Fortezze, noting this was the first time everyone involved in the medical evacuation was able to meet.
Berlin will contribute a unit of modified Fuchs armoured vehicles designed to detect atomic, biological or chemical contamination, and medical evacuation teams and about 100 of the KSK special forces.
Mr Straw said the Government did not support the medical evacuation of groups into the UK and had instead donated cash to provide healthcare and other assistance in the region.
Many visitors to foreign countries might be unaware that access to a life-saving medical evacuation may not happen until payment is guaranteed in advance.
These provide a variety of benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, 24/7 emergency assistance, travel delay and baggage protection.
Contract award: adaptation cars who medical evacuation rosomak version of nec isaf for the basic version and repair these vehicles and repair night vision pod 72 - case no.
He added that some 1200 civil defense men will be stationed in the vicinity of Jamrat to execute the medical evacuation plans.
August 4, 2011 (KHARTOUM) -- A three-hour delay by Sudanese authorities of the medical evacuation of three wounded Ethiopian peacekeepers in the country's hotly contested region of Abyei may have led to their death, according to the United Nations.
It has also provided 85 units for medical evacuation and to check the safety of tunnels, as well as over 1,000 paramedics stationed at fixed points in the Grand Mosque and 20 other mobile stations that operate during peak hours.
The international aero medical evacuation and repatriation services company has seen bookings for its medevac operations jump by around 40 per cent over the past year, to destinations as diverse as Europe, the Far-East, the Indian subcontinent, the US and other destinations within the Middle East.

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