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Lists of "Do not crush" medications should be in each Medication Administration Record book.
The core areas that must be in place as an integrated data repository include the nursing system incorporating the medication administration record, the pharmacy system with checking databases, a laboratory system with multiple alerts based on institution-specific protocols and a dietary system that enables drug to food alerts.
However, having relied on a paper medication administration record for so long, nurses were unfamiliar with HMS's standard order-entry component.
We tested MedPoint for nearly seven months before we abandoned the paper medication administration record and went completely to the EMAR.
A number of inspections identified that the storage of medicines and the completion of medication administration records needed to be improved.
Issues discovered during those visits included multiple errors in medication administration records and medication errors, according to the report.
In addition to CPOE, we identify advanced Hospital EHR technologies such as decision support and medication administration records to influence usage levels.
Inspectors found that a number of medication administration records were incomplete or unclear and it was not possible to know if people had received their medication at the right time or as prescribed.
As nursing students, we have worked in a variety of health care settings with the majority using health information technology (HIT) such as electronic medication administration records and quality improvement methods such as Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB).
Analyses of medication incidents, such as the inadvertent administration of hydromorphone instead of morphine, (ISMP Canada, 2004; ISMP Canada, 2006) have led to recommendations that health care facilities strategically plan for implementation of advanced technologies such as bar coding at the point of care, prescriber order entry, and electronic medication administration records.
A full variety of dimensions, capacities and pocket styles are available to accommodate medication administration records, IV work cards and admixture protocols, patient medication profiles, laboratory reports and much more.

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