medicine man

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medicine man,

among Native Americans and other traditional peoples as far back as Paleolithic times, a person believed to possess supernatural healing powers. Like the shamanshaman
, religious practitioner in various, generally small-scale societies who is believed to be able to diagnose, cure, and sometimes cause illness because of a special relationship with, or control over, spirits.
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 the medicine man was a specialist in spiritual healing. In some groups, women could assume an analogous role. The medicine man was often accorded many powers, including the ability to inflict pain, promote fertility, and secure good hunting and fishing. Most Native Americans typically regarded illness as resulting from the entry of malignancy into the body, or the departure of the soul from a body—through violation of a taboo or through the activities of a sorcerer from an enemy tribe. The medicine man strove through his ritual to remove or cast out the illness from the patient, or to induce the soul to return to a patient's body. The rituals might involve a variety of techniques (e.g., bloodletting, application of herbs, or the suction of the malignancy from the patient's body). Some traditional herbal remedies were undoubtedly efficacious; other practices, though deceptive, may have been of psychological benefit to the patient.

medicine man

(among certain peoples, esp North American Indians) a person believed to have supernatural powers of healing; a magician or sorcerer
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This is illustrated best by the Medicine Man and his wife, Ruth.
They're not used to coming into a facility and paying $25 an eighth, so when they come in, it's just whatever the price is," Medicine Man Denver CEO Andy Williams told Bloomberg.
5 million pounds by a mystical Chinese medicine man.
Nicholas Black Elk, Medicine Man, Missionary, Mystic" is Professor Michael Steltenkamp's third great contribution to major biographical works on the life of the famous Lakota holy man known as Black Elk.
Elsewhere, Swing is Air-lite; Binns takes the mic for makeweight Zinedine Zidane tribute Everything Up (Zizou), and single Medicine Man has perky pop appeal with a retro chorus.
The role of the medicine man in both cultures encompasses creating herbal remedies to treat illnesses, which are often attributed to the activities of vengeful or jealous witches.
A Maasai blessing, performed for the couple by the medicine man and warriors from the local tribe, is an unbeatable honeymoon or second wedding experience.
Of his responsibilities as a medicine man, he says that the chief medicine man was the keeper of the medicine and the storyteller.
One of the gift bags was presented to Dakota House, celebrity and actor from 'North of 60' while another traveled overseas, to be worn by a traditional Hawaiian Medicine Man.
A group of second year drama students from Liverpool John Moores University will give two free performances of Medicine Man alongside the 08 Roadshow bus tomorrow.
I have seen a Medicine Man, when the camp had been without meat for a long time, and the Indians had no knowledge of where the buffalo were to be found, leave the camp, and go alone to the summit of some hill in the vicinity.
Noticing Medicine Man, blindfolded and facing the wall, Loney reached over and touched his shoulder in a gesture of compassion and empathy.

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