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1. the assembly of hounds, huntsmen, etc., prior to a hunt
2. US the place where the paths of two railway trains meet or cross
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The meet of two elements of a lattice is their greatest lower bound.
(civil engineering)
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Text and video chat from Google. Hangouts was originally part of the Google+ social network but was separated in 2015. In 2017, Google introduced new versions of Hangouts for the enterprise. Hangouts Chat, later renamed Google Chat, was designed to support project teams similar to the Slack app. Hangouts Meet, later renamed Google Meet, provides videoconferencing from 100 to 250 people depending on Workspace edition. See Google+ and Slack.

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We have our own positions, Greece has its own and we are trying to meet halfway," Omani said.
The two leaders also agreed to meet halfway regarding their conflicting positions on local and regional issues, mainly Hezbollah's arms and the 5-year-old war in Syria.
One night the two meet halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge (the book cover) to exchange information on where Matthew's daughter is held and the location of Matthew's missing brother.
Only after taking history as a mirror, can the two countries better look forward to the future, Li said, adding that he hopes the two sides could meet halfway, overcome political obstacles and bring bilateral ties back to the normal track of development.
"It's a good excuse to come and meet halfway between Australia and the UK and have a beer," he added.
Our eldest son and family live in New Zealand, so we thought we'd meet halfway in Los Angeles as we want somewhere for all ages.
A clash of timings sadly means the two can't attend each other's performances, but Insider very much hopes that in the name of seasonal spirit they might meet halfway afterwards for a little mulled wine maybe?
What helped is that the latter movements had emerged before the Arab action, and Morocco opened up to them, knowing that discussions are still ongoing over the chances of seeing the participation of the banned Justice and Charity group in the partisan and political scene in case the concessions were to meet halfway. Hence, when the Justice and Development Party came ahead in the legislative elections to lead the government they entailed, this did not come as a surprise to the Moroccans who went through a smooth normalization process, which left no room for any concerns, except to the extent to which the practices shift away from the rational management of public affairs.
On the other hand if the legislature is earnest about issuing an election law that enjoys at least some concord, since full approval is not likely, the Prime Minister should show tolerance and understanding in order to meet halfway.
But Berlin and Paris may meet halfway, with signs that Merkel's conservatives, if not ready to postpone the targets, may be ready to show Athens other leeway if the troika finds it meeting the broad terms of its rescue package.
The legislators thus meet halfway, since the states were demanding 12 months and the Commission proposed six.