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a stone of great size, esp one forming part of a prehistoric monument



a structure made of huge blocks of undressed or crudely dressed stone. Megaliths include dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs, cists, and covered galleries. They are found throughout the world, except Australia, primarily in coastal regions. In Europe, megaliths generally date from the Aeneolithic period and the Bronze Age (3,000-2,000 B.C.); those in England, however date from the Neolithic.

It is not always possible to establish the purpose of a particular megalith. For the most part, megaliths were used for burials or were linked with the burial cult. Evidently they were communal structures. Their erection constituted a very complex problem for primitive technology and required the combined efforts of numerous people.


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One of a group of large stones arranged in some pattern in a prehistoric monument.
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Overall, the available empirical record suggests that Copper Age communities of the Lands of Antequera engaged in a wide range of burial practices which took place against a backdrop of morphological and architectural diversity, from the magnificent El Romeral tholos, perhaps the most majestic Iberian Copper Age megalith, to simple pits, through far smaller megaliths, perhaps built 'ex novo' or possibly erected in the Neolithic period and still used during the Copper Age.
We take time out from our bird-watching tour with our friendly and informative guide, biologist Nuno Barros, who is flexible and reconfigures our day to include a visit to a mysterious megalith.
These earlier megaliths were intentionally buried by later generations as foundations for new megaliths.
We get to the centre of the village without managing to find any directions to the Megalith.
The interpretations of the origin and function of megaliths, both the popular and the supposedly scientific ones, are evidence of the capacity the human species has for fantasy when it comes to giving names to unknown things.
Ralph Nader's recently published The Big Boys (with co-authors William Taylor and Andrew Moore) is a pathbreaking exploration of life at the summit of our corporate megalith, another of his examinations of the anatomy of power in the land of the moderately free and the home of the occasionally brave.
A map at the first megalith field helps orient you to the other stone monuments in the region.
THIS island nation has always had occultists, dating from the mysterious megalith builders thousands of years ago, to the Druids (with a few in my family tree) - and in this era obscure cults still persist.
Megalith Capital Management and Urban Realty Partners announced that the 200 Water Street Condominium Offering Plan has been declared effective.
Professor Kate Welham, of Bournemouth University, believes the ruins of any dismantled monument are likely to lie somewhere between two megalith quarries on the north side of the Preseli Hills.
It was a humbling moment for the Edinburgh-based financial megalith, which had long been feted as a global powerhouse, a disaster for the many thousands of employees who were forced out of work as the once-proud institution began a fight for life and a significant milestone on Britain's journey into a painful recession.