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megger (Megohmmeter)

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The megger consists of two primary elements, both of which are provided with individual magnetic fields from a common permanent magnet, a hand driven DC generator and the instrument. In the illustration, coil A tends to move the pointer clock-wise and coil B anticlock-wise. Coil A is connected in series to R3 an unknown resistance whose value is to be measured. Coil B is connected to R2 and to the generator.
The registered trade name of a high-voltage, high-range ohmmeter. It has a built-in, hand-operated generator for providing the voltage needed to measure the electrical continuity, the insulation resistance, and the resistance between a component and an electrical ground.
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Danner, director of USA distribution and sales for Megger, who has been working with Iowa Lakes Community College, said, "The college is at the forefront of new technology and improved electrical service, and Megger is pleased to be an integral part of the education process at Iowa Lakes.
Megger helps utilities operate reliable, safe and efficient power networks.
The latest in handheld TTR technology, Megger's handheld TTR20 design allows users to perform tests in less than five seconds after hook up to the transformer.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Megger's new TDR500 time domain reflectometer weighs just 0.6 kg and features a contoured case that makes it comfortable and convenient to hold in the hand.
The Megger and I will surely see dumpsters around from time to time - in front of stores, or at construction sites - but those heady days are behind us now.
"I am proud to be part of Megger Limited, the role will be challenging but I am looking forward to it," said Mohammed.
The growth within the region is astounding," said Megger sales manager for the Middle East and Africa Nick Parton.
The growth within the region is astounding,' said Megger sales manager for the Middle East and Africa Nick Parton.
Megan Taylor, 17, was struck on the head with a brick thrown at a group of youths by James Megger.
Drunken James Megger, 22, was pulled to safety by Megan Taylor, 17, after he was attacked in Shieldhill, Stirlingshire, on June 9.
Megger (Norristown, PA) offers a new series of insulation and continuity testers that conform to IEC1010-1 standards.
Megger says it has developed its TM1700 circuit breaker analysers to bridge the gap between low-cost instruments with limited functionality and the high-end analysers that offer flexibility but cost more.