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The discharge of stools colored black by altered blood.



formless, viscous, black stools, resembling pitch; one of the most important symptoms of internal hemorrhage in the digestive tract.

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The occult bleeding is typical for capillary hemangiomas whereas cavernous ones cause profuse, relapsing hemorrhage manifested by melaena (Huber et al.
The bleeding could be in mutiple forms such as haematemesis, coffee ground aspirates, melaena, or haematochezia.
Bleeding usually manifests as gingival bleeding, epistaxis, purpura, haematemesis, melaena, haematuria, extensive ecchymoses, and in severe cases, subarachnoid or intracerebral haemorrhage.
They reported that among the fatalities, haematemesis, melaena and somnolence were more common, the median platelet count was significantly lower (10,600/ml vs 20,000/ml), the mean PT (27 sec vs 16 sec) and mean aPTT (73 sec vs 44 sec) were longer, and the mean ALT level (1125 vs 331 IU/l), the mean AST level (3118 vs 913 IU/l) and the mean fibrinogen level (119 vs 340 IU/l) were higher.
2) residing in Village Shultanganj, PO Mahendru, District Patna, came with the complain of epigastric pain, with melaena for the last five days and with a history of fever since last one month.
Angipsora melaena (Sydow) Thirumalachar & Kern, Mycologia 41: 286, 1949.
Haemorrhagic manifestations (5%) included petechiae, ecchymosis, gum bleeding, haematuria, melaena, hematemesis and epistaxis (as seen in Table 3).
However, any sudden drop in haemoglobin or haematocrit is an indication for endoscopy, irrespective of whether it has been associated with haematemesis, haematochezia or melaena.
The third patient, a 15 yr old female residing in Sultanganj, Mahendru, Patna came to our hospital with complain of epigastric pain with melaena for the last five days with history of fever for one month.
Pattern of Presentation Pattern Frequency Intestinal Obstruction 21 Perforation Peritonitis 9 Bleeding PR, Melaena 7 Gangrene-Bowel 5 Incidental Finding 3 Table 3.