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The discharge of stools colored black by altered blood.
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formless, viscous, black stools, resembling pitch; one of the most important symptoms of internal hemorrhage in the digestive tract.

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The patient eventually recovered well and was discharged on esomeprazole 20 mg BD without further melaena.
These diseases are characterized by nonspecific clinical presentation--abdominal pain and discomfort, diarrhea, sometimes melaena, weight loss, small intestine obstructions (Kopalova et al., 2013).
Two sightings of white pilot whales, Globicephala melaena, and summarized records of anomalously white cetaceans.
She gave no history of melaena or haematemesis and had no gastrointestinal complaints but had noticed her eyes becoming progressively yellow.
Per rectum examination revealed melaena. An erect chest radiograph did not demonstrate subdiaphragmatic free gas.
Black faeces (melaena) may be the result of long-term bleeding from the intestines.
Al igual que otras especies de delfines, (e.g., Globicephala melaena, Delphinus delphis, Lagenorhynchus acutus, Tursiops truncatus), la respuesta de S.
It is possible that these primitive whalers (and there were others) were also able to drive some herds of gregarious cetaceans, such as long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melaena), so that if one whale could be stranded, the others usually followed.
Organochlorine chemical and heavy metal contaminants in white-beaked dolphins (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) and pilot whales (Globicephala melaena) from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.
The indications for upper endoscopy were stated in 51 reports, including dyspepsia (22), heartburn (6), dysphagia (6), melaena (5), haematemesis (4), and abdominal pain (4).