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3A-D); whereas treatment with acetylcholine, which induces the aggregation of melanosomes in the melanophores of some fish species belonging to the family Siluridae (order Siluri-formes) (15, 16), did not affect the chromatophores (data not shown).
Heterotrimeric kinesin II is the microtubule motor protein responsible for pigment dispersion in Xenopus melanophores. J.
5) From 11 to 15 DAH: Larvae swim well and have maneuverability, dorsal end of notochord is a little bent upward, there are bony rays in homocercal caudal fin, a mass of melanophores increases on caudal fin, dorsal fin is developed from embryonic fin wrinkle.
Larvae of northern sculpin have 35-36 myomeres, pelvic fins with one spine and two rays, a bony preopercular shelf, four preopercular spines, 3-14 irregular postanal ventral melanophores, few, if any, melanophores ventrally on the gut, and in larger specimens, two rows of ctenoid scales directly beneath the dorsal fins extending onto the caudal peduncle.
Sparse melanophores appeared in the eye surrounding the lens and along the dorsal midline, nape, and gut (Table 1; Fig.
The melanophores along the dorsal surface of the gut in Pholis spp.
The number of melanophores, responsible for skin pigmentation, progressively increased in the dorsolateral region of the abdomen.
Cyclical training enhances the melanophore responses of zebrafish to background colours.
To test the bioactivity of recombinant SL, the effect of SL on melanophore aggregation was examined.
During the preflexion stage, a single row of 8-14 melanophores (mean: 11), usually elongate, extends from myomeres 10-11 to 20-24 (modal number: 10-21), at a spacing of about one melanophore per myomere, and appears as an almost continuous line of pigment.
Furthermore, it is argued that blue light is important in establishing the circadian rhythm and that the melanophore ganglion cells in the retina that control this, respond to this frequency and if blocked, these patients could end up with circadian rhythm and sleep disturbances.
Evidence proving the melanophore to be a disguised type of smooth muscle cell.