membrane keyboard

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membrane keyboard

[′mem‚brān ′kē‚bȯrd]
(computer science)
A flat keyboard, used with microcomputers and hand-held calculators, that consists of two closely spaced membranes separated by a flat sheet called a spacer with holes corresponding to the keys.
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membrane keyboard

(1) Most QWERTY computer keyboards use a single rubber-like membrane underneath the keys that makes contact with a circuit board when the key is fully depressed. Also called a "dome switch keyboard," this style is also found on many types of keypads. There is less tactile sensation from membrane keyboards than there is when individual key switches are used (see mechanical keyboard).

The Dome Switch Keyboard
Widely used, the membrane is sculpted with a raised dome for each key.

(2) A keyboard that tolerates dirt and spillage that would otherwise cause a regular keyboard to fail. Membrane keyboards use a flexible plastic sheet printed with the key pattern on top and electrically conductive ink on the underside. When a key is pressed, it pushes the top layer down through a spacer layer of holes and makes contact with the circuit at the bottom. Widely used in self-service applications, there may be little movement in the keys, and a beep or LED is often used for feedback.

A Rugged Terminal for Point-of-Sale (POS)
Although membrane keyboards may come in standard QWERTY layouts, they are often designed for specific applications as in this example. (Image courtesy of Polytel Computer Products Corporation.)

Customizable Membrane Keyboard
IntelliKeys uses a base unit divided into a 24x24 cell matrix, and removable keyboards are printed with Overlay Maker software. Developed for adults and children with disabilities, IntelliKeys are also used for business. (Image courtesy of Synapse Adaptive,

Just Plain Flat
Membrane keys occupy very little space compared to traditional keys on keyboards and keypads. (Image courtesy of J.N. White Associates, Inc.,
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A membrane keyboard makes the units easy to operate.
It is completely electric, requiring no air supply, and features an embedded controller with software, an integral membrane keyboard, and an LCD screen.
It should be in its box and have the styrofoam protection, ZX81 clamshell plastic case, membrane keyboard, sockets and bags of components.
Outside, options include a sunlight readable display, touch screen, waterproof membrane keyboard, TPM 1.2 and Kensington lock security features, smart card reader and other upgrades.
Also available is a compact, membrane keyboard mounted into the screen, providing instant access to 25 of the most commonly used keys at 30% of the price of a full industrial keyboard.
It has a membrane keyboard with extra-large keys so operators can use it while wearing heavy gloves.
The Win-Mini is a membrane keyboard in which the spacebar is in the middle, surrounded by vowels, then consonants, then numbers (this layout can be changed).
Also available are non-tactile thin membrane keyboard assemblies that use screen printed silver polymer conductors on thin polyester sheets laminated with switch spacers and mounting adhesive and conductive rubber keyboard assemblies.
Human-machine interface is provided by a resistive touchscreen, an integral full-function membrane keyboard, and F1-F12 keys.
Anderson Design worked closely with Data General, a division of EMC corporation, to develop the enclosure and industrial design of the WiiN-PAD [TM] MK (Membrane Keyboard) wireless hand-held computer.
The CD-Maker features a front panel membrane keyboard with one-key mnemonic input of all commands, such as "Burn a New CD," "CD to CD Copy," "Import CD Image," and several other functions.

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