memetic algorithm

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memetic algorithm

A genetic algorithm or evolutionary algorithm which includes a non-genetic local search to improve genotypes. The term comes from the Richard Dawkin's term "meme".

One big difference between memes and genes is that memes are processed and possibly improved by the people that hold them - something that cannot happen to genes. It is this advantage that the memetic algorithm has over simple genetic or evolutionary algorithms.

These algorithms are useful in solving complex problems, such as the "Travelling Salesman Problem," which involves finding the shortest path through a large number of nodes, or in creating artificial life to test evolutionary theories.

Memetic algorithms are one kind of metaheuristic.

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A Memetic Algorithm (MA) [82] for solving linear equations systems is proposed in paper [67].
In order to address NP-hardness, numerous researchers have worked with various population-based search algorithms such as Monte Carlo [23-25], genetic algorithm [19,26-30], evolutionary programming [31], ant colony optimization [32-34], immune algorithm [35], constraint based chain growth algorithm [36], and hybrid of local search and evolutionary algorithms commonly called memetic algorithm [37-41].
The proposed approach employed an adaptive memetic algorithm to select the best hill climber.
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