memorial stone

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memorial stone, memorial tablet

A stone or tablet set up, or placed on or in a wall, to commemorate some person or event.
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Both the Chester High School Class of 1961 and Linda's friends and colleagues from the Chester Grade School Special Education Department hope that the tree survives and thrives so that teachers, students and visitors to CGS can enjoy the beauty of Linda's life and the contributions she made to CGS throughout her tenure, via the Weeping Cherry tree and Memorial Stone.
"The hope is that this memorial stone will deter others from the dangers of railway tracks and if it could save just one life then our beautiful Decs passing is not in vain.
And it is hoped permission for a plaque to be placed on a boundary wall in Holy Cross Church opposite the memorial stone already there will be given.
Jen Phillips with Abigail and Sophie; below, Theresa May pays her respects by the memorial stone Pictures: JASON ROBERTS
The memorial stone itself was a sad block of stone that did nothing to shout for justice, but now because of the efforts and endless fighting for justice by the relatives of the dead, they have forced this issue onto the front pages of the media.
A memorial stone at the Old Christian Cemetery on Zubarah Avenue pays tribute to the people who lost their lives in the tragedy.
| Above, Vera Robinson's friend, Annie Briggs and Friends of Redcar Cemetery patron, Lord Zetland unveil the memorial stone for Vera, while left the memorial at Snowdrop Corner is blessed 090316MGACEMETERY_006 IAN COOPER
A MEMORIAL stone has finally been placed to denote a common grave where almost 230 people have been buried.
A MEMORIAL stone for former South Africa president Nelson Mandela is to be laid in Westminster Abbey.
And a black granite memorial stone dedicated to railway staff who died in World War II and subsequent conflicts was unveiled at Glagow Central Station.
Referring to the discovery of memorial stones engraved with the names of high ranking Bth party officials and Al-Qaeda terrorists, al-Shammari said, "After the fall of (Saddam's) regime, the group seconded al-Qaeda terrorists." Earlier in 2012, governor of Iraqi district Khalis announced the discovery of a memorial stone in Camp Ashraf inscribed with the names of some high ranking Ba'ath party officials and Al-Qaeda terrorists.
A 10-metre-long memorial stone commemorating the 10 people shot dead between 2000 and 2007 was unveiled by Mayor Ullrich Sierau in a ceremony.

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