memorial tablet

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memorial stone, memorial tablet

A stone or tablet set up, or placed on or in a wall, to commemorate some person or event.
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Another important inscriptional source is Sheshan Qixiasi Mingzhengjun Bei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (A Memorial Tablet for Ming Zhengjun [Ming Sengshao] of the Qixia Temple at She Mountain), dating to 676 in the Tang dynasty (618-907).
For a charge of pounds 120, Sekise will add a sealed capsule containing a DNA sample to the ihai-the lacquered wood Buddhist memorial tablet.
Nathaniel Thayer - who led the congregation of the First Church of Christ on the Town Green for 47 years - stipulated that the library would include a memorial tablet to the war dead, made from pure white marble and bearing gold lettering with the names of the honored dead, "so that every youth coming for a book should have the memorial with its lesson always before him.
Landau is in the Bulgarian capital Sofia for the official opening of a memorial tablet in the name of Julio Palencia y Tubau in front of the Spanish Embassy.
It appears on a stone tablet referred to as Jinling Sheshan Qixiasi bei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (A memorial tablet for the Qixia Temple at She Mountain in Jinjing [present-day Nanjing]), which was erected by the Chen-dynasty official Jiang Zong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
THE GREAT WAR: The six foot high, glass-encased memorial tablet bore the names of many of the men of the Castlegate area of Huddersfield which, at the time of 1914-18 conflict, was a maze of streets including Dock Street, Back Dock Street and Watergate - roughly where the Sainsburys Shore Head store is now; WAR HERO: A copy of the citation from the War Office Records sent to Mr Schofield in July 1952.
Tim Jeal, the author of the acclaimed Swimming with my Father and biographer of Livingstone and Baden-Powell brought to my attention the deliberations of the Flintshire education committee in 1938 about whether it would be justified in paying pounds 10 for a memorial tablet to Stanley in Brynford Church School; it was deferred,pending further deliberation at a later date
A MEMORIAL TABLET to those men who were killed in Malaya serving the Worcestershire Regiment will be unveiled and dedicated at the ATR.
A ceremony was held Monday morning to mark the transfer of a memorial tablet which signifies the spirit of the late Empress Dowager Nagako to a shrine in the Imperial Palace dedicated to the imperial ancestors, the Imperial Household Agency said.
On a wall memorial tablet inside St Andrew's Church, is recorded the fact that she walked to London as a teenager just after the Great Fire in 1666, married her third husband Joseph Yates when she was over 90.
It is a combination of research by the late Bob Coulson and Eric Taylor into the thirty-four local men whose names appear on the Normanby WWI Memorial tablet, pictured.

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