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Client-server architectures offers greater protection against accidental data corruption than architectures where the database software shares the same memory address space as the applications that want to access the data, but at the cost of potential vulnerability against malicious attacks.
The AMD Opteron processor can deliver the computing power and the large memory address space that is needed to move to the next level in professional workstation applications.
Most servers today are either uniprocessor machines or machines that use symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) technology to create a single virtual processor from many processors that all share a single main memory address space.
In fact, every couple of years the amount of memory address space needed to run whatever software is mainstream at the time just about doubles.
Application developers using TeleUSE enjoy increased virtual memory address space and the performance benefits that 64-bit computing offers.
Adding 64-bit support provides larger memory address space and increased performance to support very large databases - something customers have been requesting for awhile in order to gain an even greater level of control of the environment to achieve a flexible and reliable way to deploy and manage applications online.
The DRC RPU contains specialized cells that can be used to accelerate numeric tasks which work on arrays stored in the memory address space of an AMD Opteron," commented Stephen Fried, Microway's president and CTO.
The Windows XP x64 operating system is the latest in technical computing - supporting 128 GB of RAM and 16 terabytes of virtual memory address space.
Increasing only instructions and memory address space without eliminating the bottlenecks of a front-side bus adds little value.
TimeMachine is also virtual memory aware, enabling developers to visualize code execution across any thread within any memory address space.
The device's built-in SDRAM interface, combined with a 16-megabyte (16MB) linear memory address space, makes the device an excellent choice for high-performance, cost- and power-sensitive applications that require moderate amounts of external SDRAM memory," said Hank Pawlowicz, product marketing manager of System LSI products at Hitachi Semiconductor (Amercia) Inc.
The parameter blocks are at the top of the memory address space in the M58WR064ET, and at the bottom of the memory space in the M58WR064EB.