memory capacity

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memory capacity

[′mem·rē kə′pas·əd·ē]
(computer science)
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memory capacity

The total memory (RAM) that can be added to a computer depends on the address registers built into the CPU. For example, most 32-bit CPUs can address only up to 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory.

The reason the maximum capacity in a 64-bit computer is limitless for all intents and purposes (see chart below) is that 64-bit hardware manipulates (calculates, compares and copies) 64 bits, or 8 bytes, of data at a time. However, the actual memory is addressed with far fewer bits. Look up the number 64 in binary values, and note that a 64 bit register could address 16 exabytes of memory, which is 16 million terabytes. See memory.

                      Bytes       Maximum    Processed CPU     Memory   Simultaneously

   8-bit   65KB       1

  16-bit    1MB       2

  32-bit    4GB       4

  64-bit    **        8

 ** Limitless for all intents
    and purposes.  No computer can
    be built to accommodate the
    64-bit theoretical maximum.
    See  binary values.
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In the case of comprehension, for example, it has been shown that working memory capacity predicts performance in reading comprehension where, in order to comprehend a text, readers need to hold several previous propositions in memory while processing a subsequent sentence (Daneman & Carpenter, 1980).
It expands the two-way ProLiant servers to 32GB, the four-way ProLiant servers to 64GB and the four-way ProLiant DL585 G2 to a maximum memory capacity of 128GB.
A reader-friendly, down-to-earth discussion of the practical realities and benefits gleaned from modern scientific research, Mapping the Memory is especially recommended for students, knowledge-skill professionals, and anyone else whose expertise and success depends heavily on maximizing their memory capacity. Highly recommended, as is author Rita Carter's previous book, "Mapping the Mind".
In contrast, because of their smaller memory capacity, the increase in interference may have overloaded the cognitive resources for the low span groups so that they may have not been able to trigger inhibition.
By default, they have an internal memory capacity of 64 MB RAM which can be optionally extended to 128 MB.
The FH 7000 supersedes the earlier FH 2100 and 4100 models and provides much faster scan rates--up to 20 measurements/sec--as well as greater memory capacity. Two sensors offer measuring ranges of zero to 0.160 or 0.400 in.
AVAILABLE WITH an 8KB or 64KB memory capacity, Onset Computer Corp.'s wearable HOBO Pendant is a value-priced temperature and light-intensity data logger that can be used for a variety of hands-on science projects both in and outside of the classroom.
When asked about what features they consider important in buying the player, all the respondents give memory capacity, price, battery life, and sound quality as their best 4 answers.
The Newport Beach, Calif., technology company offers StealthSurfer II with memory capacity of 128 megabytes to one gigabyte.
Increased transaction performance is achieved with the combination of Kabira's memory resident transaction processing architecture and the large memory capacity (256GB/chassis) and high-speed server blade interconnect architecture of Hitachi's 'BladeSymphony.' The joint offering supports both "scale-up" growth for large point systems and "scale-out" growth for large distributed systems.
Dataram Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAM), Princeton, N.J., a provider of server and workstation memory, has successfully doubled the maximum memory capacity of Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire V490 and V890 servers.