memory chip

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memory chip

[′mem·rē ‚chip]
(computer science)
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memory chip

(1) An integrated circuit that holds programs and data permanently. See storage vs. memory, storage chip and flash memory.

(2) An integrated circuit that holds programs and data temporarily. RAM chips are the computer's temporary workspace. Contrast with storage chip. See storage vs. memory, memory module, dynamic RAM, static RAM and memory types.

A Wafer Full of RAM Chips
The wafer is the structure all chips are fabricated on. Each rectangle on this wafer is a RAM chip, which is cut out and placed into an individual housing. (Image courtesy of Motorola, Inc.)

RAM Chips
The 30 rectangles (enlarged at top) comprise a 4-gigabit RAM chip made by the Dataram Corporation. The chip is cut out of the wafer and placed into a BGA package. The wedding band is shown for size comparison.

Core Memory in the Mid-1960s
The young lady is stringing magnetic cores by hand for a Univac 494 computer. There is a thousand times more RAM in the average smartphone than in all the core memory in this picture. (Image courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library.)

Twelve Magnetic Cores
This shows 12 magnetic cores from the Whirlwind computer in the early 1950s. Each core held one bit. (Image courtesy of The MITRE Corporation Archives.)
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This development, which could potentially disrupt the supply of memory chips, led to an abrupt increase in DRAM prices in the spot market.
The Chinese government is investigating the three firms over allegations of fixing memory chip prices.
First quarter earnings were weighed down by the weakness in memory chips and displays, although the newly launched Galaxy S10 smartphone logged solid sales, a company statement said.
Sales for July to September are expected to reach 65 trillion won, the world's largest maker of smartphones and memory chips said in a regulatory filing.
Samsung Electronics shares have risen about 13 percent from early March on an improved outlook for the memory chip market, putting to rest concerns that the recent boom might end, analysts said.
Apple has decreased orders for memory chips that it purchases from arch-rival Samsung Electronics.
Resistive RAM or ReRAM memory chips are based on materials, most often oxides of metals, whose electrical resistance changes when a voltage is applied--and they "remember" this change even when the power is turned off.
The world's biggest maker of flat screens and memory chips, which Thursday estimated fourth-quarter profit to come in below market expectations, is pinning its hopes on cut-rate prices stabilizing in the chips and panel sectors.
Hynix Semiconductor, South Korea's other major memory chip maker, saw revenue rise to $6.04 billion from $6.01 billion and it moved to seventh place from ninth in global chip rankings, with a 2.6% share of the market.
ProMOS, the world's eighth-largest dynamic access random memory chip maker, will manufacture double data rate 3 synchronous DRAM chips, or DDR3 SDRAM chips, at a rate of 35,000 300-millimeter silicon wafers a month under the Elpida brand, it said.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 24, 2007 - (JCN) - Toshiba, a global leader in computer-memory chip manufacturing, announced on April 17 its release of the industry's largest NAND 16GB flash memory chip. The new flash memory meets the Multi Media Card Association (MMCA) Ver.
Cell phones and PDAs have the memory in the phone itself and a memory chip that is usually located under the rear cover near the battery.