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After the memory switch, the mice were again put in a different environment.
The memory switch seems to be driven by cells in the hippocampus, not in the amygdala, the team found.
This special ability of CaMKII to maintain its own activity has been termed 'the molecular memory switch.
There is a memory switch to accommodate the positions of two drivers, although strangely enough you have to operate it every time as the seats drop to a low position when you exit the car.
Align features a three-position memory switch in its motorized frame, making height adjustment nearly automatic, and all uprights and components move in relation to the worksurface height.
The programmable memory switch enables the doctor to preselect the chair's most used position.
By delivering up to 512 Intel processors on a common memory switch, and then adding over 5 billion gates of configurable logic, the SRC-6 shatters convention and promises substantial performance gains for both technical and commercial applications including Internet infrastructure.
As the story opens, the narrator, a London restaurateur and refugee, stops his car to buy gas -- and before you know it, a memory switch is tripped and we're 6,000 miles away, back in Colombo, the capital of the newly independent island of Ceylon, renamed Sri Lanka, in 1962.
Next, write down the cards' original system board memory switch numbers.
They added electrical contacts and created a flexible memory switch that operates on less than 10 volts, maintains its memory when power is lost, and still functions after being flexed more than 4,000 times.