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Speaking as someone who has used the men's room as well as the ladies' room, I can tell you that there are a lot of things never spoken in the words used to relegate transgender people to a restroom identified by their birth certificate; words that are focused on people's fears.
As for Duggan's comment that no woman would choose to use a men's room, let me introduce myself as the leader of a raid on the men's room at the old Durham Bulls Stadium in Durham, N.C., a stadium for 4,000 that had four stalls for women and 12 for men (plus urinals).
1990: In a case dubbed "Pottygate," Denise Wells, 33, stands trial in Texas for using a men's room at a concert venue to avoid long lines at the women's room.
Sheriff's spokesman Randy Christian said Wednesday that authorities have been told of a man walking into men's rooms and stealing flush valves and supply lines from urinals.
New York, Jan 9 ( ANI ): The face of actress Jane Fonda, who has apologized profusely for visiting North Vietnam during the 1972 war, is reportedly a target for some veterans in a men's rooms in Veterans of Foreign Wars halls.