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What does it mean when you dream about mending?

Mending signifies that one is fixing one’s problems. Repairing clothing or fabric is to knit or heal what has become unraveled.

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Forgive me and have pity on my folly, and remember I know but little, and, if I talk much, it's more from infirmity than malice; but he who sins and mends commends himself to God.
Don't fret; I'll come down and mend it in the night," he said.
Mend is the brainchild of former Google employee Ellen Heurta, who built the algorithm using a mixture of science-based knowledge and mindfulness techniques.
Mend the Living is about organ donation and tells of a whirlwind of trauma and death, life and hope over 24 hours, when a car accident leaves Simon Limbeau brain-dead, on life support and his heart is given to another person.
com rewards affiliates for their performance-based marketing efforts through the new Vital Mend - Affiliate Mananger partnership.
Okah had however denied all accusations including those that he was the leader of MEND, he did mention though he sympathized with the groups motives.
Discovered by former Take That manager, Nigel Martin-Smith four years ago, The Mend are made up of lead singer Craig Worsley, Jay Kontzle, Dean Kelly and Kris Evans.
At MEND, families take part in workshops where they learn about nutrition and how to maintain a balanced diet, followed by fun activities to get the children moving while their parents talk about health in a supportive environment.
Give your wardrobe some longevity with our make and mend guide.
Emily was overweight when they took part in the 10-week MEND - Mind, Exercise, Nutrition - Do It
The Nanomyte MEND coating technology platform provides new self-healing functionality while preserving other coating properties, such as gloss, hardness, ductility and chemical resistance.
MEND forces had had previously bombed oil facilities both offshore and around Lagos, as well as kidnapped foreign nationals involved in the petroleum industry.