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What does it mean when you dream about mending?

Mending signifies that one is fixing one’s problems. Repairing clothing or fabric is to knit or heal what has become unraveled.

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References in classic literature ?
So, as soon as the Scarecrow was mended, they decided to go with Diksey to the mine.
"'Well, I am glad of that,' said the Miller, clapping little Hans on the back, 'for I want you to come up to the mill as soon as you are dressed, and mend my barn-roof for me.'
"'Have you mended the hole in the roof yet, little Hans?' cried the Miller in a cheery voice.
"'It is quite mended,' answered little Hans, coming down the ladder.
"'I have no doubt of it,' answered the Miller, 'but now that you have mended the roof, you had better go home and rest, for I want you to drive my sheep to the mountain to-morrow.'
The fly had to be mended, and for several days I did not go out, and Jerry earned nothing.
Forgive me and have pity on my folly, and remember I know but little, and, if I talk much, it's more from infirmity than malice; but he who sins and mends commends himself to God."
"Don't fret; I'll come down and mend it in the night," he said.
For otherwise, whatsoever is new is unlooked for; and ever it mends some, and pairs others; and he that is holpen, takes it for a fortune, and thanks the time; and he that is hurt, for a wrong, and imputeth it to the author.
Then it was carefully mended, and thus kept from wasting more.
Also, political and non-political groups like Hurriyat Conference and Jamaat-e-Islami need to be mended," Madhav said here at an event.
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