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Acting Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a statement that the UN Human Rights Council had "produced another hostile, mendacious and slanted report against the State of Israel ...
For as long as a mendacious power elite presides over the state and county treasuries, the IEBC, whether reformed down to the tea servers, will remain a threat to national stability.
Today the country is on the edge of an abyss: the installation of a mendacious and cathartic fair sex Chancellor in the patriarchal society of the last frontier.
I am the only person who believes the Tories are sneering, mendacious and dishonest?
I believe any marital crisis is dreadful, but the discovery that you have a homosexual and mendacious husband can throw your whole world into a tailspin.
10 May 2016 - 16:12 LARIJANI CALLED SEIZURE OF ASSETS OF ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN COMMITTING A THEFT Chief of Islamic Consultative Assembly Pronounced Seizure of Iran Assets by U.S Government a Kind of Theft and Stressed that Islamic Republic of Iran Is Scheduling to Reply Back this Action and They Should Be Expecting a Prompt Response "Second, recently the U.S has stolen one milliard and 700 million dollar of Iran blocked properties for mendacious excuses.
Tensions remained high during the ASSU meeting, which sought to renew the bill to condemn "mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews [a[bar]] or the power of Jews as a collective." The bill was instituted after a heated debate over the support for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel last year, which was ultimately rejected.
If you were building a time capsule of Campaign 2016 journalism, you would want to include this media writer's tweet about an internal newsroom memo: "BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief: Fair to call Trump 'mendacious racist.'"
Bill takes writing tips from Christopher Marlowe, a marvellously morose and mendacious Jim Howick.
His utter failure in this regard owes him to tender an apology to the nation for his mendacious and willful claims in order to get votes from the electorates, he added.
Netanyahu gave a particularly mendacious reason when he said that "given the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, one must act responsibly and with due consideration alongside a determined struggle against extremists." The nonsense that Netanyahu pushes in public of Israelis fighting terror is designed to regain some American support.
Particularly chilling are the accounts of those American, British, French, and German politicians and journalists who wrote their mendacious reports from the USSR in the 1930s thus promoting the sympathy and admiration toward the "great light from the East." We are waiting for the English edition of this book.