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common name for members of the large, widely distributed family Clupeidae, comprising many species of marine and freshwater food fishes, including the sardine (Sardinia), the menhaden (Brevoortia and Ethmidium), and the shad (Alosa).
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Gulf menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) spawn in offshore marine waters and juvenile development occurs in nearshore nursery areas.
Staggering schools of cod, flounder, haddock and halibut were reported to be worked up into a frenzy--eating as much menhaden as often as they could stomach it.
Julie picked up the menhaden book one summer afternoon, pretty sure she wouldn't make it past the first chapter.
Shirley begins his piece claiming, "the menhaden population has plummeted 90 percent over the past 25 years.
Just off the Connecticut River, menhaden continue to hold stripers and bluefish.
Forage fish are easily caught because they form dense schools and include sardines, anchovies, menhaden and herring.
In this study, normal weight, overweight and obese subjects were given 2 grams of krill oil, menhaden fish oil or olive oil each day for four weeks.
Joe von Rosenberg, Omega Protein's Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, added: "The acquisition of Cyvex provides Omega Protein with a strong line of non-marine based products and a stronger omega-3 distribution network for OmegaPure, our proprietary refined menhaden fish oil," said "Cyvex provides us with an immediate presence in the human health and wellness segment and we now will have access to the top supplement retailers who purchase a variety of ingredients, including fish oil.
The company, which sells a line of fish oils for human consumption, and specialty fish meals and oils used as ingredients in aquaculture, pet foods and livestock feeds, relies mainly on the menhaden fish to source this core component.
The company said it does not believe that the Gulf Coast menhaden fishery will be affected by any contamination from the oil spill, and is confident that its stringent quality control protocols will continue to ensure the high quality of its products.
Bait was prepared by measuring an equal amount of cut bait menhaden (200g) into the bait compartment of each trap.