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Excessive bleeding during menstruation. Also known as hypermenorrhea.



profuse and protracted menstruation in which the menstrual cycle is preserved but the amount of blood lost during each period is greater than normal.

Menorrhagia is caused by decreased contractility of the uterine musculature. It occurs with chronic diseases of the uterus (metritis), acute inflammation of the adnexa uteri, uterine fibromyoma, and other gynecopathies. It can also result from blood diseases that reduce coagulability. Menorrhagia is treated by eliminating its primary causes.

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Among the 21 menorrhagic women assigned to placebo at baseline, just 5 had absent or normal periods by month 3.
1] (65%) in their studies of menorrhagic women with coagulation disorders.
Despite a decrease in MBL by 50%, many women remain menorrhagic when treated with tranexamic acid, mefenemic acid, flurbiprofen, norethisterone or ethamsylate and many are noncompliant due to daily dosing.
Pavani, 28years old woman a graduate came to our institute with menorrhagic cycles since menarche.