mental tests

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mental tests:

see intelligenceintelligence,
in psychology, the general mental ability involved in calculating, reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, learning quickly, storing and retrieving information, using language fluently, classifying, generalizing, and adjusting to new situations.
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; psychological testspsychological test,
any of a variety of testing procedures for measuring psychological traits and behavior, or for studying some specialized aspect of ability. Several forms of testing have arisen from the need to understand personality and its relationship to psychological
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ECG signal recording was performed in the following situations: baseline (S1), Stroop color/word test (S2), post-stress recovery (S3), mental test (S4), recovery (S5), auditory stimulus (S6), recovery (S7).
Thus, such dispersed confluences that make up the ownership of mental tests in Brazil do not allow any unidirectional interpretation in which such knowledge was gradually increasing and accumulating in a knowledge incrementally and continuously developed.
Poor people who contemplated tough money problems scored lower on both mental tests than their wealthy counterparts.
Sid BenSalah, sports director at DIMC, said that while physical tests are part of the requirements for a racer to obtain a licence, mental tests would help to weed out drivers who are not deemed capable.
NEW Norwich striker Steve Morison has all the attributes to make an impact in the Barclays Premier League if he can handle the mental tests ahead, according to Canaries legend Dion Dublin.
By the time the mental tests were carried out, 116 of the participants - or 40% - had developed some degree of dementia or cognitive impairment.
Those who received insulin performed better on some mental tests but not others.
The results matched test scores from a battery of traditional mental tests.
Players did no better at a series of independent mental tests than another group of volunteers given general knowledge quizzes instead of brain training.
In the combined analyses of men with and without HIV (lists 1 and 3 on page 44), HIV infection did not raise the risk of poor performance on the mental tests.
However, the new study, conducted more than a decade after original treatment, did find significant variation in the results of several mental tests between those who had had radiotherapy and those who had not.
To test Jackson's powers of concentration, he was given a series of mental tests before and after jumping from an aircraft two-and-a-half miles up in the sky.