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law merchant:

see commercial lawcommercial law,
the laws that govern business transactions, except those relating to the maritime transportation of goods (see maritime law). Commercial law developed as a distinct body of jurisprudence with the beginning of large-scale trade.
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was not yet a well-established mercantile law, judges could leave it to
play a part in incorporating mercantile law into the larger body of law.
In Goldman's narrative it is not medieval mercantile law but the Roman ius gentium that attracts our main attention--three times as much space is devoted to Roman law than to its subsequent decline and revival combined.
The "deaths" come when the international community disintegrates and competing political entities claim control over international commerce and mercantile law.
Many of the doctrines and principles of mercantile law are universally recognized and today constitute a part of the domestic law of every nation-state.
Sports law is highly potential to become a world law similarly to mercantile law.
Lily Gruba for Mercantile Law, Court of Appeals Justice Thelma Ponferrada for Criminal Law, Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Rafael Lagos for Remedial Law, Court of Appeals Associate Justice Manuel Barrios for Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises.
In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given the following relative weights: Political and International Law, 15 per cent; Labor and Social Legislation, 10 per cent; Civil Law, 15 per cent; Taxation, 10 per cent; Mercantile Law, 15 per cent; Criminal Law, 10 per cent; Remedial Law, 20 per cent; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5percent, for a total of 100 per cent.
The tests in CPT pack include questions in four subjects- Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude.
He has authored 32 books in the areas of Income Tax, Auditing, Management, Economy of Pakistan, Corporate Finance Reports, Corporate, Mercantile Laws and Industrial Laws, Financial Institutions, Accounting and Higher Accountancy.
I have delivered series of lectures on Banking Systems, Corporate matters, leasing Laws, Taxation Laws, matters relating to Mercantile laws and other allied subjects.